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email verification

Join our delighted API consumers and acquire your API trick here now!

Here you may learn more regarding the total capability of the Bouncer API, consisting of exactly how to create demands, check results as well as inspect the on call equilibrium.

Should you just like to find API Reference, inspect it out listed below.

  • Create an API key

If you shelter’ t actually, register for a Bouncer account below.

Once joined and visited, select << API>> left wing navigation. You will find your API trick under the Offered balance section.

  • Requests restrictions

The singular verification API is limited to 100 requests per moment.

The mass verification is actually limited to 250,000 emails every eachrequest.

  • The set request

POST/ v1/email/verify/ set

All phones created to the Bouncer API have to be actually made using HTTPS. Eachtelephone call needs to additionally include the API essential criterion in the header as a x-api-key, along withan API key you’ ve made as the worth.

Whenever a request body is demanded it must be actually formatted as JSON and a content kind of application/json have to be pointed out.

Verify one or even several emails in a set, offline way. This approachis actually recommended when the premium of verification is of value.Provide a variety of email addresses, along withlabels if needed to have (optional), as an example: [, “]

Please see to it to keep requestId as it will be actually essential to examine standing as well as acquire end results for the demand.

  • The real-time ask for

  • GET/ v1/email/verify

    Our real-time API is used throughclients to check out email handles in the time of entrance. It not just checks the syntax as well as domain name of the deal withhowever additionally the supply of the mailbox.
    Bouncer returns the greatest possible end results that are able to gather within 10 seconds (maximum 30).

    This procedure is highly recommended when the velocity of verification is actually of value.

    • The feasible response conditions

    Deliverable &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- safe to send.

    Undeliverable &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- the address is actually either syntactically incorrect or does certainly not exist

    Risky &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- the address is of low quality as well as may lead to a bounce or even reduced engagement.

    Unknown &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- we were unable to get a reaction from the email provider.

    Result Reason

    Status Deliverable, Main Reason:

    accepted _ email &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Email deal withwas accepted.

    Status Risky, Main Reason:

    low _ deliverability &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Email deal withappears to be deliverable, but deliverability can not be assured (inbox full/catch_ all)

    low _ top quality &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Email deal withpossesses top quality issues that may create it a risky or low-value handle (disposable/temporary email).

    Status Undeliverable, Main Reason:

    invalid _ email &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Pointed out email is actually not a valid email deal withsyntax.

    invalid _ domain &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Domain for email carries out not exist or even has no DNS records.

    rejected _ email &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Email address was declined, email handle carries out certainly not exist.

    Status Not Known, Cause:

    dns _ mistake &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Our experts were not able to fix DNS reports or even domain is misconfigured.

    no _ attach&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- Could possibly not attachto the SMTP server.

    unavailable _ smtp &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- SMTP hosting server was actually not available to process our demand.

    unknown &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;ndash;- An unanticipated mistake has actually occurred.

    • Verification development tracking

    GET/ v1/email/verify/ set/ requestId/ status

    To examine the progression of verification, you can utilize our Check out Condition endpoint above.

    Response sample is:

    • Get results

    Use this endpoint for the results: GET/v1/email/ verify/batch/

    Download batchlead as JSON. You can filter out what to download and install throughstatus, eg. install only deliverable e-mails.

    • Get balance

    To inspect your accessible harmony, use this endpoint: GET/v1/customer/ user/current/credit

    • Possible errors

    The API utilizes regular HTTP mistakes to signify the excellence or breakdown of a request. The 2xx set of action codes indicate an effectiveness, 4xx indicates an inaccuracy coming from the client side, as well as a 5xx inaccuracy indicates a server-side mistake.

    Here are the HTTP reaction codes the API uses:

    200 Effectiveness

    400 Bad Demand

    401 Unauthorized

    403 Unacceptable

    503 Company Inaccessible

    • GDPR

    As our team are actually GDPR certified deliberately, our company likewise deliver an endpoint to erase permanently your asks for, please note that once used, the results connected withthe demands will definitely be dropped.

    To remove your data utilize: DELETE/v1/email/ verify/batch/

    • API Referral

    Should you appreciate to observe API Referral, check it out below.

    • Support

    Please realize that if at any moment you will need additional assistance from our edge, you can either reachour company by source site at or plan a video recording conversation withsome of our creators right here.